Refurbished Veterinary Equipment

Refurbished Veterinary Equipment! Professionally Refurbished by Manufacturer Trained Engineers.

Refurbished veterinary equipment

There is a reason that many reference lab service companies use the Immulite products. We have taken all the work out of the process and have made it easy and quick to get the highest level results while at the same time significantly increasing your revenue while decreasing your reporting time to the client. This is a one of a kind service, Fully Refurbished Veterinary Equipment from Manufacuter trained engineers. find out more below.

Mini Vidas Blue and Gray models available!

IMMULITE 1 and 1000 ready for your needs!


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For more information on our financing plan along with all the details of this great system please Give us a call at 877-673-7378 

Call 844-673-7378 for more details

We Guarantee your satisfaction 100% when you invest in your Re Certified immulite 1 Plus. The immulite 1 plus is running the latest immulite 1000 software for ease of use along with the lastest upgrade by Siemens of the Windows 7 operating system! We do it all for you! Delivery, Installation, Training, Reagents, and Service support including FREE phone assistance! Thousands of immulite installation all over the world. The immulite is the trusted reference method the world over. Unsurpassed reliability coupled with 100% ongoing support makes the Immulite 1 plus an easy choice. Join the thousands of customers that love their Immulite!

  • Financing Options
  • World Class System
  • Ongong service

Need installation and training? Installation including on site training is included with your investment! 

Need the tests and consumables? We take care of your orders and consult with you on any questions you may have on a test or consumable.

Need service? We have been in the medical diagnostic service business for over 36 years so your in very good hands.

Need ongoing technical support? We include phone and email support for you and your staff to answer any questions you have. 

Veterinary Lab Equipment for sale