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Having Your Own Canine Progesterone testing is Easy, and So Profitable!

Challenges Veterinarian Labs and Dog Breeders Share! 

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Long Turn Around times to get your Progesterone testing results and High cost per test eating up your profits!

The High cost of T4, FT4, TSH, TLI, Progesterone & Cortisol testing at the remote testing Lab I use. Testing regularly priced many times what it would cost to do in house! Ouch!

How to get Accurate and Dependable results at Your Office or at Home?

WARNING! avoid the internet P4 Progesterone monitor trap that many of our customers have lost money on!

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Joe Decker MRDS

Joe Decker - CEO & Customer Sales

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“MR Diagnostic Services is primarily a service company. Most instrument companies will sell you the "box" and if you need help your kinda on your own! We do it all for you from professional manufacturer trained refurbishments, to parts sales, to online and phone service support! We also provide full service delivery, installations, training and ongoing support for all the system we sell! You get the complete deal! You have my word."

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Here's is just a Sampling of what our customers are telling us! 

"I had a P4 machine before this there is absolutely no COMPARISON this machine is so much better..."

“It definitely saves me a lot of time to do in-house testing and it will definitely pay itself off thank you guys

It is very easy to use I love the consistent good results I can put my test in and walk away and be back in 45 minutes or so and get the results. Sam brought my machine out he set it up and he explained it to me show me how to run it absolutely the best training you could get he does a very very good job if I have a question about my machine they are just a phone call away so far I have always been able to get a hold of somebody they answered my question very good honest people to work with they do what they say they will do."

Enos Miller - Dog Breeder 

Shipshewana, IN

"Since i got this new immulite it does bring me more customers and they are happy with the results."

“ Since i got this new immulite it does bring me more customers and they happy with the results .

The immulite does a great jobs , it give out great results , I did a comparison with many labs and veterinary around my area and the results pretty much the same . Im happy with my new Immulite.

The team that came to my house to installed the system did a great jobs , they showed me everything from A to Z of the testing process and how to maintain the system .

Thank you Mr Diagnostic .”

Tuan huynh -TX  - Dog Breeder

Houston, TX

Watch the Immulite 1 Plus in Action!

Sam Presents you with this Short video on how Easy the Immulite 1 Plus is to Run.

immulite 2000
progesterone testing for dogs

Performance data on the Quick Scan 1000!

Watch the Quick Scan 1000 in Action!

Save and Profit, while you Get your time back!

The Team here at MR Diagnostic Service are so sure you will save tons of time and money while you increase your profits, we offer YOU our 100% money back guarantee. If you don't save money over running constantly to your testing lab then just let us know and we will refund your money. Get yours today they are going fast! 

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