Parts Warranty Terms and Conditions

MR Diagnostic Services provides you with a 90 day Warranty on all parts that we sell, new and/or refurbished.

If your part fails in 90 days from the date of sale we will refund your money once we have received the part back and the warranty conditions have been met.

All parts are tested, marked with a serial number, and a photo of the part is taken. The photo and serial number of the part is attached to the customer file on every sale. All returned parts are checked to make sure the serial number is the same as the one we sent and the picture is referenced to compare it to the part that was received.

Once we have received your returned part and have verified that it is not functional and it meets the criteria listed below then your money will be refunded to you including the shipping.

  1. The part returned must have the same serial number that was attached to the part when it was shipped. If the serial numbers do not match than your warranty refund will be denied.
  2. The condition of the part will be checked against the photo take before it was shipped to compare the returned condition to the condition it was when we sent it. If the condition of the part returned shows no excess damage when it is compared to the photo taken then your refund will be forth coming. If the condition of the part received shows excess damage (dents, burns, wire damage caused by improper installation) compared to the photo taken at shipping then your warranty refund will be denied.
  3. Standard Ground return shipping costs will be included in the warranty refund when the above conditions are met.

Thank you for your Business. These steps above have been implemented to stop the fraud that has been a problem. We are sorry to put the 95% of honest people thru this due t0 the behavior of the 5%. Thanks for your understanding.