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Immulite 2000 Windows OS "Blue Screen" at boot or Windows OS and/or immulite 2000 software is corrupted and you are not able to load Immulite software.

Sooner or later every Immulite 2000 and Immulite 2000 XPI will have trouble booting Windows OS (NT, 2000, or XP) and or the immulite 2000 software. This can happen at anytime but is more likely if you don't have a UPS (uninterrupted Power Supply) connected to your Immulite 2000 and the power is shut off to the immulite 2000 without shutting down the software and windows before the power is interrupted. This can, and will, also happen due to the hard drives failing. Many of the systems we see are 5-13 years old. The IDE Drives will mechanical fail at some point. Additionally the user side mother board, or the control side single board computer can also fail cause the same symptoms.

These boot failures are often catastrophic and if you did not have your data bases, configuration files, PMT and ALT numbers backed up it can be a very long road to recovery.

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The old school way (at least to my thinking) is to attempt to fix these problems with what is called a "Ghosting Kit". This is just a set of CDs that are specific to your windows and hardware version of the immulite 2000. This method only works if you have a good set of drives and your mother board and hard drive cables are all good. We think there is a much better way that only takes a few minutes. 

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The way we do it (the new school way) is to provide the user with new drives that are pre loaded and ready to install. Once installed then all that needs to be done is to move the back up data bases and configuration files back to the new drive. 

Using this method we can also upgrade your system to XP from NT or 2000. This is well worth the time to upgrade since XP is more stable and allows you to add any printer you want and use a USB stick to back up files. Upgrading from NT or 2000 to NT will take a new mother board and it may also need a new Single board computer also. With that said this kind of upgrade will require a engineer or at least someone that has some understanding of the immulite 2000.

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We have, in stock, preloaded Hard Drives. We have Immulite 2000 software running Windows XP loaded and ready to ship to you. We will provide you with Two Preloaded hard drives loaded with Windows XP and immulite 2000 software! With the purchase we also include phone, email, and facetime support. This is the fastest and more econimical method to get your corrupted hard drive going again! 

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Immulite 2000 Windows not Booting and how to troubleshoot them!