Centrifuges for Clinical Laboratories


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Centrifuges are used in clinical laboratories for separating solids from a liquid suspension. The solids can be insoluble cell organelles, biomolecules, or compounds. The equipment makes use of centrifugal force to analyze blood samples and substances of differing densities. To meet the increased demand for the device, it is designed in a variety of models and integrated with advanced technologies. Clinical centrifuges are available from leading manufacturers like Beckman, Clay Adams, IEC and LW Scientific.

Essential Device in Clinical Laboratories

Centrifuges are an essential device in clinical laboratories as well as large and small medical facilities. Apart from being used for separating substances of differing densities, centrifuges are also used for removing chylomicrons. There are certain centrifuges with a batch rotor for pelleting, which ensures additional features such as steroid hormone assays, separating lipoprotein fractions for HDL, LDL and VLDL.

Most centrifuges used in clinical and research laboratories are silent and vibration resistant when in use and easy to operate. Different models offer a variety of useful features like LED power indicator light, auto-off features, angled head rotors, space saving designs, lid with safety interlocks, and more. Detachable power cord, easy-to-clean exterior, timer and on/off switch, speed control knob and braking system are some of the other attractive features of this device.

 BECKMAN: Some of the Best Recommended Centrifuges for your lab or office.

Incorporated with Safety Features

A clinical centrifuge is equipped with a maintenance free brushless motor closed by a safety lid. The lid prevents the chamber from opening when the motor is in use, thus protecting the user from hazards. Some centrifuges are designed to stop operation when there is a defect in the device.

Purchase from Established Dealers

As centrifuges come in varying specifications, it would be advisable to explore the market before buying one for your clinical laboratory. Reputable dealers offer quality products. The budget conscious can also go in for refurbished clinical laboratory centrifuges. Ebay is a great source for service and pricing. We only recommend the Best Sellers with the highest rating.

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