Canine Progesterone Testing Machine

Introducing the NEW Quick Scan 1000! Accurate Canine Progesterone Testing in 15 minutes. high investment value at a great price including low cost per test!

Watch the short video below! we are your support and professional guides from the time of sale for any questions you may have at any time! We are here for you when you need us! Check it out below! we got ya covered!

The NEW Quick Scan 1000 is, Easy To Use, Accurate, Fast, Reliable, includes a One Year Full Replacement Warranty, with MR Diagnostic Services ongoing technical support! 

 Single Cartridge Testing, 15 Minute Results, Temperature Controlled With A Low Cost Per Test! We Offer Everything You Need Including Ongoing Professional Support, Easy test kit ordering, and professional support everyday! To Watch The Quick Scan 1000 In Action just Click the Video Below! Call 844-673-7378 For Details

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Watch our short video guide below for all the Exciting Facts on How you can Save and Profit with testing at home! All our Mini Vidas systems are Professionally refurbished! Our new quick scan 1000 comes with a one year replacement Warranty! Both are Great values for the vet lab or dog breeder!

Save so much with the Mini Vidas


Accuracy data on the Quick Scan 1000

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Canine Progesterone Testing Machine - The BioMerieux Mini Vidas and the NEW Quick Scan 1000 are both outstanding ways for Dog Breeders and Vet labs to provide Progesterone testing at low cost per test!

We get calls on a regular basics from dog breeders that are looking for a Canine Progesterone Testing Machine that will help them to maximize their time and profits by becoming much more efficient in the art of breeding their dogs. Many travel long distances and spend upwards of $120 per progesterone test at the lab they use! Ouch! You don't have to do that anymore! 

We also get many calls from Dog Breeders that have purchased another popular progesterone system off the internet and now they have to replace it due to poor accuracy, and even worse the company that sold if does not or will not answer their questions or phone calls once they start to find out the system is not working correctly! Don't get catch with the big sale they offer (almost 50% off their retail pricing). They do that for a reason to get you to act now. Most regret it and we get the phone calls afterwards! We offer you a toll FREE Technical Hot line for all your questions and to facilitate your order! Here to Serve YOU!

 The systems we offer carry our warranty, and always include our service promise that we will always answer your questions and phone calls. Also the systems we offer are all clinical level analyzers so you will always have the same, if not better, results as the lab you are using now. We Guarantee your satisfaction! Also if you purchased one of these P4 systems ask us about our trade in program to replace it with a Mini Vidas or a Quick Scan 1000! We can help!

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When Breeders call MR Diagnostic Services the first thing we do to help is to offer them a simple report that analyzes all the costs involved with the travel, time spent (your time is worth upwards of $100 per hour), along with the money that will be saved on the testing itself when they have a professional home or office system that is easy, reliable, and fast. 

The Data they send show our dog breeder friends just how much they are really spending each time they go to the lab to have their dog(s) blood samples tested. More importantly the report spells out just how much money they will save and how they can profit by running these simple tests for themselves and for other breeder friends, or even breeder clubs and groups! You would be surprised just how fast a Mini Vidas or Quick Scan 1000 systems will pay for themselves, and how much profit will fill your pockets. Oh Ya , lets not forget how much time you will get back to do the things you love. Time is money that is so true!

Canine Progesterone Testing Machine

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mini vidas test cartridge

Mini Vidas Blue Test Cartridge

Canine Progesterone Testing Machine - The BioMerieux Mini Vidas and the Quick Scan 1000 will save you big! Ask us about our 30 day money back Guarantee! Don't forget with your quick scan 1000 you get 20 tests free! Everything you need to test now while you save and profit!

MR Diagnostic Services Satisfaction Guarantee!
Save and Profit, while you Get your time back!

The Team here at MR Diagnostic Service are so sure you will save tons of time and money while you increase your profits, we offer YOU our 30 Day 100% money back guarantee. If after 30 days of testing you find you don't save money over running constantly to your testing lab then just let us know and we will refund your money (all you pay for are the tests you use!) Even the shipping back is on us!). Get yours today they are going fast! Mini Vidas and Quick Scan 1000!

The Quick Scan 1000 is a cartridge based testing system. In short that
means everything you need to test is in the kit and easy to use. All you need do is add your progesterone sample into the buffer vial, mix, then add 75 ul of the mixed sample to the cartridge and run it. With the Quick Scan 1000 you can run one test at a time, or use the incubator tray (available in the accessory kit) and run 5 or more progesterone tests in about 20 minutes. Beats hours of driving? Oh Ya!

We mentioned that MR Diagnostic Services is primarily a service company, well here is just a couple of the differences that focus makes to YOU our customers. First we test every Quick Scan 1000 we sell with third party Quality Control Materials to make sure YOU are getting the very finest system available. Second every new lot of test kits that we purchase for our customers are tested with a third party Quality Control Material. We make 100% sure YOU are ready at all times to produce accurate results for YOUR customers!

The Mini Vidas is also a cartridge based testing system. In short that just means everything you need to test is in the cartridge (pictured above) all you need do is add your sample and run it. With the Mini Vidas you can run from 1 to 12 (pictured above) tests at a time with the test results are available in just 45 minutes. Beats hours of driving?

However if you find that you are running larger batches, then we offer you the Immulite 1000 or the Immulite 1 Plus! These systems are the main stay in many vet labs all over the country and the world. The Immulite is the gold standard!

The Immulite systems will also run 5 other canine specific tests like TT4, FT4, Cortisol, TSH and TLI . The Immulite 1000 and 1 Plus are the best choice for vet labs that run at least 50 samples per month. The initial investment is more but the cost per test is less. If you run less then 50 per month the Mini Vidas is a better fit. For more info on the Immulite click below.

Both the Immulite 1000 and the Immulite 1 Plus are available on our Ebay site by clicking on the images below or call us at 844-673-7378 to purchase or for more information on pricing, and our complete services.

Immulite 1000 for sale

See the Immulite 1 Plus in Action! Low Cost Equivalent to the Imulite 1000! Totally Refurbished and running Windows 7 software with the latest immulite 1000 software! great deals available!

As always MR Diagnostic Services is primarily a service company. Being a service company first we can provide you with everything you will ever need for your Canine Progesterone testing system. We offer ongoing support, installation, training, service, reagents and phone support. No one else can do that for you!

We are here to help. If you need help please take a moment to fill out our easy form below! Add in all the details of your problem on the form this will speed up your service considerably. Thank you. Phone help is always available at 844-673-7378

We also sell immulite 1000, 1 and 2000 Reagents! 

Immulite 2000 Reagents