Ultrasound Machine for Dog Breeders

Ultrasound Machine for Dog Breeders

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Quick Scan 1000 Ultra - Brought to You by MR Diagnostic Services

Ultrasound Machine for Dog Breeders

MR Diagnostic Services has been serving the Veterinarian and Dog Breeder community since 1980. You might say we are a little different then your normal sales company. MR Diagnostic Services is primarily a service company. We are engineers that offer the best systems we can find for your customers and new friends. We can't help yourself, we have to test everything we touch, and evaluate it on reliability, ease of use, serviceability, and what provides the highest value for our customers hard earned investment! We took our time to find our customers the best Ultrasound machine for dog breeders and veterinarians that we could fine. Here we present what we have found to all our friends old and new!

  • Easy to Read 15-inch high definition LED touchscreen Monitor (1024*768) 
  • LCD Monitor easily be adjusted to the user's preferred height ( up to 45°)    
  • Easy to use Intuitive design
  • Auto Image Optimized - Wide-angle imaging
  • Panoramic focusing technology
  • 32 channels for high-resolution images
  • Three transducer connectors/two special-designed probe holders
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery, 7000 mAh
  • Tissue-Specific Imaging
  • Reliable Touchscreen Controls
  • B, M, 2B, B/M, and 4B scan modes
  • CE Certified/24-month Warranty for the main unit and 12 months for probes

One probe Micro Convex Probe is included with your ultrasound and additional probes are available.

Micro Convex Probe (included)Ideal for dog breeders scanning small to medium-sized breeds such as:

Chihuahua, Toy Poodle, Pekingese, Corgi, Cocker Spaniel, Labrador/ Retriever, German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Standard Poodle, Border Collie, Doberman, Yorkshire Terrier, Dachshund, West Island White Terrier, Whippet, Shih tzu, etc.

Convex Probe (Optional). This probe has a larger footprint than the micro-convex, and a lower frequency, giving it better penetration in larger breeds. This probe is the first choice for breeders of giant breed dogs, such as:

Bernese Mountain Dog, Old English Sheep Dog, Newfoundland, Irish Wolfhound, Saint Bernard, etc.

CE Certified/24-month Warranty for the main unit and 12 months for probes Call 844-673-7378 for more information

Meet MR Diagnostic Services. From Left to Right. Sam, Drew, Dustin, and Joe. As mentioned we are engineers at heart! We are a family owned and operated business working with an appreciation for Your business and how hard You work for Your money! You are always dealing with an owner so you always know what to expect! Every product we offer has to pass our performance testing before we offer it to our friends and customer! The best customer support available before and after the sale is what you can always expect!  Give us a call at 844-673-7378 to find out more!

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Give us a call at 844-673-7378 

Immulite 2000 Service "honest, kind and great to work with..."

Milivoj A. Milosevic

“Anyone needing assistance with servicing or troubleshooting with their Siemens Immulite should not hesitate to contact Joe at Mr. Diagnostic Services. He was and continues to be a reliable resource who is always available when I’ve needed him. He is quick to return my calls or emails and has been able to walk me through troubleshooting issues. He is honest, kind and great to work with. I originally contacted Siemens for servicing, but was given a much higher estimate and they made me feel like a very small fish. Call Joe. You won’t regret it!”

"enjoyed their help and professional approach..."

Masoud Kamali

“We have worked with MR Diagnostic Services for some time now and enjoyed their help and professional approach in finding solutions to problems. We look forward to working with them for upcoming projects and use their expertise and knowledge in different fields.”

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Customer Comments. Ready to Serve!

Immulite 1000 - "Their on-site service is impeccable..."

Reinaldo Cooke Associate Professor – Oregon State University

” Our lab regularly use MR Diagnostics Service for preventive maintenance and repairs for our Immulite 1000. Their on-site service is impeccable, and they are always willing to provide follow-up assistance via phone or email. We highly recommend MR Diagnostics Service.

Samantha Snyder Department Coordinator

MR Diagnostics are fantastic. Other than my yearly maintenance, I have had 3 service issues. For one, Sam was on a plane and here the next day for repair. The other two I was able to fix via FaceTime with Joe and another Dustin sent me videos to assist with the repair myself. Knowing everyone is a just a phone call or email away is very reassuring.

Great. The few issues have been age (bar code issues) and user error.

I've worked with guys both on the phone and in person. Everyone is very professional, patient, and easy to chat with while dealing with an expensive piece of equipment.

Advia Centaur & Chemistry

Beth Scalish - Retired Sr. Tech. Applications Specialist

“I have worked with Joe Decker over an approximate ten year period while both of us were employed by a large diagnostics company in the U.S. Joe was a customer service engineer and I was a technical applications specialist; our responsibilities often overlapped as we strived to provide superior customer satisfaction and support. Joe was always attentive to customer needs and also was very responsive to any questions or problems that I would encounter. He often went above and beyond in supporting our customers. He demonstrated genuine concern for customer needs and expectations, which helped to achieve our goal and our customers’ goal, to provide excellent patient care.”

Debbie Doctor Lab Supervisor

Joe and Sam worked on site for 2 and 1/2 days replacing our entire hard drive on the Immulite 2000. They were able to recover our pt data to a thumb drive and get us running again in a a short amt of time and a big savings from the Siemens quote.

So far we have a a couple of errors pop up, but nothing that has kept us from running.

Totally satisfied with response time and ability to be in contact with them before and after the service. I would highly recommend!

Hitachi Chemistry - "Excellent performance!”

Bill Salas, Lab Director, T.A.S.C. – Chicago IL.

“We have been using MR Diagnostic services for the past two years to maintain our Hitachi 911’s.They are timely in their response to our needs from the simple trouble-shooting of problems over the phone to on-site visits and repairs. Experienced in several types of analyzers, they use this varied knowledge to isolate a problem at its source. In one case we had a leak, which was wasting DI water. It was found to be caused by a thin fibrous strand interfering with the closure of a solenoid! A simple fix that saved a costly repair. We would have never thought about it, but MR did. Excellent performance!”

Kerron Ovid Managing Director

I would like to thank Joe, Drew and the rest of the team at MR diagnostic for their assistance and technical expertise in getting my immulite 2000 back up and running. From sourcing and providing the necessary parts to troubleshooting. A sincere thank you to the team

The immulite 2000 is back up and working like new

Drew was excellent and great help, especially in helping me to troubleshoot

We are Ready to Serve! Thank you for your Valuable Time! Talk to you soon!

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