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IL 682 Co-Ox Refurbished with Reagents, Supplies, and Service!

IL 682 CO-Oximeter features ease of operation, intuitive use interface, sampling versatility, and minimal maintenance. The device having a turnaround time of 60 seconds, shows test results in just 58 seconds. Other features of IL 682 include simple fluidics, automatic self-cleaning, and 30 day THb calibration.

MR Diagnostic has a very long track record with the IL 682 Co-Oximeter. Serving the IL 682 Co-Oximeter from the day it came to the market place. We do it right! We also stand behind what we sell and we offer service contracts to keep you going. MR diagnostic Services has many customers for the IL 682 Co-Oximeter that came to us from other companies for one of two reasons. One that the unit they purchased did not work correctly and they sent it to us to correct. Two that the company they purchased from did not meet their delivery and/or service requirements. Its simple we do it right the first time. 

IL 682 Co-Oximeter for Sale with Service!

il 682 co-ox

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The IL 682 Co-Oximeter system has the reliability and service you need!

IL 682 Co-Oximeter 

il 682 co-ox
      • Compatible with capillary tubes
      • Adapters not required
      • Virtually eliminates contact with probe
      • Allows for non-human samples
      • Self-cleaning probe

    • Factory Trained on the IL682 Co-Oximeter from the day it hit the market!
    • Service contracts available just give us a call at 844-673-7378
    • IL 682 is great for research and industrial labs! Nothing else like it!
    • The IL682 Co-Oximeter is the Reference method and Gold standard!
    • MRDS has the experience and the follow thru you will not find anywhere else!

Factory Trained Service!

Dustin Decker MRDS

    • Re-Certifed and Refurbished Systems Available
    • Manufacturer Trained Engineers
    • Delivery, Installation, Training, Parts, and Service Available!
    • We can provide you with everything you need. A Re certified or refurbished system, with delivery by the installing engineers, operator training, on going service, parts, and reagents.
    • We do it all for you. Call us today and find out how we can make your re certified system a one call event! Most sales companies will sale you a system and that is the last you will hear from them. We are primarily a service company so you get a great system with all the support you will need!

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IL 682 Technical Specs

IL 682 Co-Oximeter System Specifications

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Immulite 2000 - "The MR Diagnostic Services Engineers are well trained, know what they do, courteous, and sincere..."

“I have used MR Diagnostic services for service and repair of my Immulite 2000. The MR Diagnostic Services Engineers are well trained, know what they do, courteous, and sincere. As a Small business owner, I appreciate the above qualities,plus their very affordable fees/prices. I will recommend them any day to anybody who may need their services”

Dr Ekweani – Frisco Urgent Care and Clinic – Frisco TX.

Immulite 2000 Service "honest, kind and great to work with..."

“Anyone needing assistance with servicing or troubleshooting with their Siemens Immulite should not hesitate to contact Joe at Mr. Diagnostic Services. He was and continues to be a reliable resource who is always available when I’ve needed him. He is quick to return my calls or emails and has been able to walk me through troubleshooting issues. He is honest, kind and great to work with. I originally contacted Siemens for servicing, but was given a much higher estimate and they made me feel like a very small fish. Call Joe. You won’t regret it!”

Milivoj A. Milosevic

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